Paisley Meekin and Rachel Butler, founders of Honest Wellbeing Vacations, are two lifelong friends with a dream to bring people together to create more joy and connection. 

We bring over 20 years of combined experience leading fitness and personal & professional development programs, and have shared a passion for health and wellness from an early age. We are known for our down to earth approach, our humor, and the safety and accessibility we bring to both fitness and personal development. 


We're also two recovering workaholics on a lifelong quest to learn to just BE. We see success as our ability to be at peace --  to truly hear and see ourselves in a kind and loving way, even during turbulent times, so we can show up for our relationships and our big work.

Honest Wellbeing Vacations are designed to give attendees a sense of calm, peace and connection with intuition, heart, and bones. We aim to help people reconnect with their natural cycles of creating, achieving and rest, play. Most importantly, we believe in the need for deeper connection and sincere relationship in this modern age of technology. We help people gain insight and access vulnerability toward creating friendships that last beyond the retreat experience.


We believe it is life-changing to spend intentional time with other women. Join us!

Paisley Meekin is the owner of Honest Training, a fun, non-intimidating, non-competitive neighborhood training studio that believes in holistic wellness and sustainable life changing fitness and nutrition programs. That means no crash dieting, no body-trashing workouts, and plenty of laughter. Paisley and the Honest team specialize in world-class coaching, with a focus on getting bodies to move properly with lots of individual coaching and a huge variety of movements to target the whole body, every class.


Paisley’s legacy in this life is to create community and playfulness around movement.  Movement is what gives your body purpose... and everything, everyONE has a purpose. Through her own experiences, Paisley has come to believe that working out and movement is more powerful than being just about exercise.  It teaches us dedication, persistence, focus and self compassion. It teaches us how to overcome obstacles so we can start seeing ourselves as we really are: AMAZING and capable of ANYTHING.

Paisley is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified personal trainer with specializations in corrective exercise and small group training.  She has a certification in TRX training system, Strong First kettlebell, Schwinn Indoor Cycling, and CrossFit. She is a nutrition and lifestyle coach and has a degree in Dietetics.  


When Paisley is not in the gym coaching or working out she enjoys spending time with her dog Scout, exploring new restaurants and bars, or staying in and trying a new recipe and watching a good movie.  





Rachel Butler is an executive coach, a leadership and organizational health consultant, a friend, sister, wife, and mother of two boys. Rachel is one of those unique women who is both powerhouse and presence. If you were to only read her resume, on paper she's a total badass. But then you meet her and she blows you away with her kindness, her integrity, her humor, and her genuine care. 


Professionally, Rachel has worked with over 325 organizations in the Pacific Northwest in not-for-profit, small business, hospitality, and technology. Her focus is on developing self awareness and systems awareness in leaders, facilitating learning among small groups, and building more human-centered organizations. She has a passion for working with women and loves the special magic that happens in groups when we learn and grow (and get a little uncomfortable) together.


Rachel holds a Masters in Organizational Systems with a specialization in Leadership in Organizational Development, is a Professional Co-Active Coach, a trained Executive Coach through Saybrook University, a Certified Change Management Practitioner, and holds a B.S. in Nutrition.

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